Photo by Trin Carl

I talked to a guy from Washington state who said he was selling vape at mpls convention center.

“These two guys from South Africa asked to try the vape ,” he said “and I told the guy that the vape is pretty strong and he takes the vape and takes new long draws and then more and I’m like wow 🤩 okay. I guess they can handle it, one hour later I hear there’s an ambulance 🚑 coming to take this guy away. 😯 wow. Some of these foreign guys don’t know shit” he said.

(I shook my head slightly when he said this)


As an UBER driver I have picked people with vision impairments. One memorable client was an individual who said he used to be a CEO of a big company and he still works there Till this day (voice recognizing software wanted to auto correct and insert ‘till thursday).


Creating the perfect race

Photo by Trin Carl

While driving for rideshare I picked up these two women who were telling me about where there from: Modesto California, and how it’s like a hot dusty desert and they call it mo-dusty, and how George Lucas was from there hence the Star Wars setting.

And One of the women started talking about the idea behind Gattaca and how she got on the Gallata train years ago before the pandemic. For those who don’t know Gattaca is a Netflix show and this is the premise:

Gattaca-a future where status is determined by genetics, a genetically flawed man conspires to game the system in order to achieve his lifelong dream.

“The powers at be want a perfect race. I believe people should have flaws,” my rideshare client said.

“Me too,” I advocate for the disabled community.

I came to the US ten days ago

I picked up a guy (while drivin UBER )and he said he’s only been in the US for 10 days. he came on a student visa from India the and first thing he did when he got here is go to the…

I am a tattoo artist

I picked up a guy go on his way to work and we talked about how he catches an Uber from the hotel to his work and also catches a train in order to cut down on some of the transportation cost. …

As a rideshare driver, I took a guy to meet his former therapist.

“There was an incident with my last rideshare driver.”

(Me real nervous 😬 😟 right now)

“Oh what happened?”I asked.

“Oh he did his job, it was just that I showed up late to my rehab appointment late. And then I got into a argument with my therapist and she kicked me out of therapy. And so now I have to go to get a note from my therapist requesting a transfer to a new clinic.”

(Thank God you’re in therapy I think to myself)

“ yeah I’m not looking forward to seeing my old therapist. Would you want to go in there for me?”

“Oh yeah I’ll go in there for you.” I say.

(Yeah right)

How I met my husband

Driving rideshare one day, I picked up a woman who used to be an RN at an oncology clinic. She told me how she met her husband who is a fireman who worked three jobs. They met while speed dating and she explained how he…

Sad story

As a rideshare driver I picked up a student who is training to be an EMT at invergrove tech school. I jokingly said to him:

“You’re soaking in all that knowledge. (At the school)“And he said back to me yes I am very serious tone “YES.”

And he…

Annoying copilots

Photo by Trin Carl

I picked up a pilot for the second time driving rideshare today.He had this to say:

“We had to take a detour on our way to Virginia to avoid 🌀 hurricane Laura. It’s going to get bumpy” he said to his passengers that day as they detoured through 🇨🇦 Canada. “It was quite the light storm. It would have been nice to just watch it on TV but what can you do?”

“Do you ever get copilots that are so annoying?” I asked.

“Yes. You’ll be surprised. A lot of pilots are so smart but they lack the social skills to keep a conversation going. So I’ll ask them: oh, where are you from? And then they’ll tell me and then it will be silence.”

Good luck on your ✈️ flight, I told him as he left.

State fair during pandemic

Photo by Trin Carl

Are you a doctor? I asked my rideshare passenger.

How did you guess?

The suit.

Yes, I decided to wear a tie today.

What area of medicine?


Good. You may see me at that clinic. I’m a regular.

Yes. The clinic…

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