Travel fearless

I picked up a ride share client who’s been to 40 the 50 states, and lived on both coasts.

Which one’s your 🤩 favorite? I asked


What helps you get acclimated to a state?

I dunno. Just meet one person, I guess.

(You make traveling look breezy, I thought)

I’m going to New England now. The woman I’m staying with has got my dog. When I was in Alaska, I was getting on the flight and Delta said they lost my dog’s reservation and it was 4am and I needed to get on that flight ✈️ so I left him. That was seven years ago and so the woman later brought my dog on her family trip to New England. Can’t wait to see him!”

Took a client home from the hospital and she talked about how her brother avoided fighting during the war by taking all these IQ tests. He did train at West Point and managed to do IT work and serve as a translator in 13 languages.

“I’m a military man!” the guy tells his sister.

“No, you never served in any foreign war,” his sister retorts.

I picked up a mother and father on their way to the airport from Arizona. They were a bit distraught after I told them I’d the GPS directions to the airport. One unusual thing was the way I called them snow birds but then remembered it’s June and if anyone’s going to Arizona at this time, they probably already live there. There’s like three or four ways you can get to the airport from St paul, Minnesota .And with the bus 🚌 lanes and one ways, it can make for an interesting route. The clients also told me about monsoons in Arizona and how the rain comes down the mountains and empties in the lakes and then disappears into underground tunnels so that the lakes are pretty much non existent after a week or so.

Don’t help me

Photo courtesy of Starbucks

I Talked to a rideshare client who is in high school senior year getting his license for the first time and he basically admitted that he doesn’t have energy and is often depressed and has adhd. He has thought about taking meds but I told him not, better to fight it with diet and exercise. The way I look at it, being a decade older than him is that he’s going to be fighting that shit his whole life anyway and meds will always be there but may not help. It’s almost a…

Help me!

Talked to a ride share client about being a psych nurse. In Minnesota the shelters were all closed during the pandemic which led many of the homeless to seek shelter at the hospitals. All a person needed to do was to claim they were going to harm themselves to get a bed. The psych nurse talked about how the third floor is reserved for people incarcerated.

Talked about accountability with some folks yesterday during a women’s only improv group.whether it’s achieving weight loss or changing a habit, it’s good to have a coach. I was also very vulnerable in admitting g that this year I’ve had a hard time searching for others as a source of stimulus instead of looking inside myself. “It’s embarrassing,” I said, even now I find myself doing that and the other women nodded and told me how it happens tp them as welll.

What time is the zoom event?

Slim free

Slim free on a mountain tree



Taco shells turning on turn tables

Swirls hypnotizing to the eye

The people’s apartment

The people’s apartment

Where homes are made for a day

Block beds

Turned down sheets

A little doll sits

Arm over rest


Whose at the door?

No one

Nighty night.

I Asked my rideshare client if he was going to meet anyone at “World of Pizza”

(🤔 thinking.. who eats pizza alone?)

“I own World of pizza,” he said.

“Well, I guess you’ll be meeting a lot of people then.”

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