How I met my husband

Driving rideshare one day, I picked up a woman who used to be an RN at an oncology clinic. She told me how she met her husband who is a fireman who worked three jobs. They met while speed dating and she explained how he is a wonderful man a lot nicer than her first husband who was a plastic surgeon.She said he stood by her side when she had surgery on her back a few years ago. …

Sad story

As a rideshare driver I picked up a student who is training to be an EMT at invergrove tech school. I jokingly said to him:

“You’re soaking in all that knowledge. (At the school)“And he said back to me yes I am very serious tone “YES.”

And he told me what he’s learning and I asked him: “Who helps when people have to be scraped off of the road?”

and he said there is a special clean team for that, and then we talked about emergencies EMTs encounter and he said there’s tons of drownings in Woodbury and…

Annoying copilots

Photo by Trin Carl

I picked up a pilot for the second time driving rideshare today.He had this to say:

“We had to take a detour on our way to Virginia to avoid 🌀 hurricane Laura. It’s going to get bumpy” he said to his passengers that day as they detoured through 🇨🇦 Canada. “It was quite the light storm. It would have been nice to just watch it on TV but what can you do?”

“Do you ever get copilots that are so annoying?” I asked.

“Yes. You’ll be surprised. A lot of pilots are so smart but they lack the social skills to keep a conversation going. So I’ll ask them: oh, where are you from? And then they’ll tell me and then it will be silence.”

Good luck on your ✈️ flight, I told him as he left.

State fair during pandemic

Photo by Trin Carl

Are you a doctor? I asked my rideshare passenger.

How did you guess?

The suit.

Yes, I decided to wear a tie today.

What area of medicine?


Good. You may see me at that clinic. I’m a regular.

Yes. The clinic has been getting overwhelmed lately, the doctor said.

(Long silence as I get on the 🛣 highway)

I’m going to the state fair this weekend in Minnesota. My dad wants to buy a tractor.

Oh, he must have a lot of land.

No. Only two yards.

Oh, I’m surprised that…

Mall spot

Photo by Trin Carl

“Good luck on your small spot,” said my rideshare client after I dropped him off at the airport.

I told him I like to park near Mall of America because I can get more passengers that way.

“I suppose there’s a lot of traffic there. what with the airport, hotels and stores”

“Oh Yeah,” I said happily.

I spoke to a lot of people about what it means to be passive in Minnesota, how the people remain quiet about a lot of things. One passenger from the east coast told me how people from New York speak to so many people on any given day that they don’t have no choice but to @be direct and authentic.

Must be nice.

How do you get your start?

I drive ride share and I often ask my clients how they get their start. My most recent client worked in marketing and said she did some promo work for Billy Eilish. )I had a brain fart about who Billy Elish was in that moment but I plowed forward by asking:

How did you get your start?

“I got my start,” she said “by going to St Paul music school many years ago. I met someone doing promo work for some small bands and then I eventually moved to LA. I’m on my way to New York and Boston to do some marketing because my friend in the UK couldn’t get her visa filed so I was asked to fill in.”

Photo by Charlotte Harrison (

The temptation is there. The drug of choice: a quart of vodka.

Vodka is all I can think of today. If it’s not there I get someone to take me to get it. Preferably the liquor store near Cubs where I used to work, where they won’t card me. My papers proving my expired license are missing.

I can feel the liquor in my chest as it soothes and heats my throat. And then, mind fucking numbness.

I used to be a courtesy clerk at the grocery store. I used to greet old women as I walked around the store…

Research please

Photo by Trin Carl

I drive for rideshare and picked up a pharmaceutical researcher.

“My work revolves around studying people’s exercise and nutrition.”

We talked about oncology and how there’s a lot of options out there to fight cancer and even cure cancer. A lot of cancers can go undetected if you’re in denial or not receiving regular check ups.

I can only hope people get the knowledge they need to fight cancer.

Travel fearless

I picked up a ride share client who’s been to 40 the 50 states, and lived on both coasts.

Which one’s your 🤩 favorite? I asked


What helps you get acclimated to a state?

I dunno. Just meet one person, I guess.

(You make traveling look breezy, I thought)

I’m going to New England now. The woman I’m staying with has got my dog. When I was in Alaska, I was getting on the flight and Delta said they lost my dog’s reservation and it was 4am and I needed to get on that flight ✈️ so I left him. That was seven years ago and so the woman later brought my dog on her family trip to New England. Can’t wait to see him!”

Took a client home from the hospital and she talked about how her brother avoided fighting during the war by taking all these IQ tests. He did train at West Point and managed to do IT work and serve as a translator in 13 languages.

“I’m a military man!” the guy tells his sister.

“No, you never served in any foreign war,” his sister retorts.

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