Bad review

Today I picked up a client while driving ride share. He works at chipotle. I have to be careful about talking local businesses because I’ll often pick up employees as passengers.

I wrote a review a while back about chipotle and I had to refrain from telling this Uber client about how the business he works for is not doing 🥵 so hot.

When I had went There an employee was using the sour cream as an adhesive after she had put the burrito together and it exploded outside of its tortilla.

Surprisingly, I didn’t have to say anything bad to this employee because he took the words out of my mouth by saying:

“Chipotle has its good days and bad.”

(I thought to myself “no kidding”)

City bus to school

This is the second time this week that I had to pick up a high school student while driving Uber. In Minnesota, a lot of the students take the city bus to school and during the pandemic a lot of the bus drivers are not working.

I asked this student if there are a lot of shenanigans at his school because he attends Central high school, one the largest high schools in Saint Paul and he was like oh yeah🤪

When I went to school in North Minneapolis two guys in big wheel trucks would circle the school to get everyone’s attention. And smoking on the corner was the thing to do.

I did an improv scene the other day that had something to do with mall shoppers and Santa clause. A guy was upset because they weren’t hiring temporary Santa Claus workers and another woman was upset with that same Santa Claus because he didn’t recognize her as his blind date

How do I stay motivated ? (my ride share job)

I set money goals.

I tell myself if I make $200, I can take an improv class.

I get intentional about driving and chat myself up on the way to my first ride. (usually in the morning).

I drive after…

Photo by Trin Carl (St. Paul)

I picked up this woman a day after Christmas and she was like:

“You’re so nice. The other taxi drivers never talk to me.”

(Me thinking..I wonder why)

“Oh why’s that?” I ask.

“I don’t know. They’re just so quiet.”

“How was your holidays?”

“Good. Good. although busy, I was working at the gas station and it was like everyone was buying batteries on Christmas Day, and little things they forgot to buy. I’ve got to get over there though, because there’s this homeless guy waiting for his Christmas gift that I promised him.”

And sure enough we pull up to the gas station and the guy has his hands stretched out.

Happy Holidays Everyone.

Domestic violence

I picked up a woman today while driving for rideshare and she told me about how she escaped domestic violence and how Minnesota didn’t help her because the state requires you to fill out paperwork for getting custody for of your children within 60 days and she ending up losing the battle while staying in a domestic shelter and custody of her children ended up going to her ex-husband.

But she did have an inspirational story because no matter how many times her ex-husband threatened her and told her she ain’t gonna leave unless she left in a body bag -she still escaped😀

Take a ride to New Zealand 🇳🇿

I picked up a client named while driving rides hare who said he was going to Vermont for the holidays and we got into a conversation about all kinds of things including;

His travel to New Zealand and how he thought it was…

Vikings Football

This morning I wasn’t feeling so great while driving rideshare on a Monday.

I picked up who is a basketball player from Delasalle high school.

This changed my perspective because I could relate to him. I was on the dance team in HS (we danced during half time…

Sex Escort

The other day while driving for ride share I got into a discussion with someone about his line of work.

“Have you been able to work this whole time?” he asked me.

“I forced myself to work. I kept putting the recession in the back of my mind…

Lucky chance today.

I picked up a client while driving rideshare who is working on the production of the “Christmas Carol” at the Guthrie theater in Minneapolis (I also write theater reviews so this was a fantastic opportunity).

He began to describe some of the finer elements in this upcoming show.

Every year the Guthrie puts on fantastic shows. The most memorable I seen was a holiday production where the town set was on top of a lazy Susan like those in your kitchen cabinets. It was virtually like a doll house and that you could see into the house from the third-floor.

Trin Carl

I write Theater 🎭 and ride share confessions. Find my blog

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