Vikings Football

This morning I wasn’t feeling so great driving rideshare on a Monday but then I picked up somebody who is a prospective basketball student at Delasalle high school this change my perspective a lot because I was on the dance team when I was in high school and…


The other day while driving for rideshare I got into a discussion with someone about his line of work. The client asked me:

“have you been able to work this whole time?

“I forced myself to work because I kept putting the recession in the back of my mind…

Lucky chance today.

I picked up a client while driving rideshare who is working on the production of the “Christmas Carol” at the Guthrie theater in Minneapolis (I also write theater reviews so this was a fantastic opportunity).

He began to describe some of the finer elements in this upcoming show.

Every year the Guthrie puts on fantastic shows. The most memorable I seen was a holiday production where the town set was on top of a lazy Susan like those in your kitchen cabinets. It was virtually like a doll house and that you could see into the house from the third-floor.

Dancers considered as sex workers

I picked up a dancer from the bars while driving rideshare and it was interesting to hear this woman’s story.

“I was literally a bad child,” she said, “Till this day I never face my problems, I always try to escape.”

And she mentioned how…

Dig for Amelia Earhart

(Photo by Trin Carl)

By chance I picked up a fellow writer while driving for rideshare. Mr. Kenton Wrote “Amelia Earhart’s shoes” and has also written for National Geographic.

Interesting story, Kenton did research for his novel for several years by going on archaeological digs from…

Drugs and Guns

I picked up a guy driving for rideshare and I told him how my car had been stolen six years ago. And then he said:

“that pretty much happened to me too with my truck ..I left the car on and someone had taken it in Minnesota and were trying to make their way to Canada ..later on someone reported it as suspiciously parked in a small town and it was hooked up to a camper and the camper was loaded with guns and drugs.”

Ride my way

Photo by Trin Carl

I drove for Uber and picked up a guy who said his dad used to work at the airport, driving around carts and he picked up the artist formerly known As Prince every now and again, and he said :

“When prince flew…

Random ER tech

Photo by Trin Carl

I picked up a guy while driving for UBER who works as an ER tech and somehow we got into a discussion about all sorts of topics including

Theatre production



Actors working during the pandemic

Humbling work

Paying for schooling

Fun stuff

Other hospital setting to work in like Saint joes in St paul(which closed during the pandemic)

Hobbies and skiing

How I broke my leg three times in my life

Painful recoveries

And how bones can break near the growth plate causing growth shortage in limbs

(All this in 20 minutes)

Sometimes We get taken advantage of as ride share drivers . it happens from time to time;sometimes it’s a feeling of guilt like maybe we showed up later then intended or drive to the wrong stop and then somehow the client asked us to do several stops than we anticipated.


Photo by Trin Carl

I got into a discussion with a rideshare client about how he used to drive for Uber until 2018 when he said that Uber was not doing “search” anymore. Search refers to the promotion of rides. …

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