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1 min readMay 18, 2022


A guy recently asked me if he could have a free taxi ride.

Twin Cities, MN photo by Trin Carl

How did this conversation come about?

I was talking to him about AA and his recovery.

“How did you get to six months? I asked.

“Belief in God,” he said.

“What was your religion growing up?

“Penecostal,” he said.

“Oh I grew up Methodist, I said.

“Yeah faith can really help you can get you through anything,” he said. “Hey, do you think I can get a free ride sometime?”

I hesitated for a second, before I said “Where would you go? Let me guess your girlfriend’s house.

“How did you know that?” he said.

Good guess.

“Yes, we’re actually heading there right now, he said. “Although I don’t know what our status is. I’m going over there to discuss that with her right now.”

“Relationships take a lot of work,” I said. “A lot of compromise and boundaries. It’s good to have our boundaries and know what we want,” I said

“So, are you serious about the free ride?”

Sure, I said.

And then I gave him a guy friend’s number to call.



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