As an UBER driver I have picked people with vision impairments. One memorable client was an individual who said he used to be a CEO of a big company and he still works there Till this day (voice recognizing software wanted to auto correct and insert ‘till thursday).

This 👨 man’s blindness was on set. He didn’t explain. But he talked about how the biggest obstacle in the way of his work is the transportation. He used a device that helped him note how far he was to his destination. I remembered because there was a little sound like the fast forwarding noise of a tape recorder, and I asked him what the sound was and he told me.

There have been Several times In improv where blind individuals have noted that saying someone is “blind” in a scene is quite rude and so is saying whether someone is blindfolded. The individuals who have said this have often become quite emotional “I can’t Believe have to explain this to improvisers,” they said.

Awareness is powerful.

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