Alzheimer’s charades

Photo by Trin Carl (Minnesota)

“My childhood friend has had Alzheimer’s for the last five years.He was a drunk before he had Alzheimers , and so when he had got the disease he would walk to the liquor store every day And when he got home his wife would swap his beer withnon-alcoholic beverages and then store the beer in his closet.

She would then give his beer to another friend who was also a big drinker and that friend would accumulate a lot a 🥃 liquor. It’s just a heavy charade to keep up,” said my ride-share client.

During my next ride I brought up the Alzheimer’s discussion again to an 👵 older woman.

“just stand me In front of a PowerPoint and I’ll give Alzheimer’s talks , because I used to work in educating individuals about The disease for a good portion of my career so that’s what I would like to do if I lose my memory.”

She talked about health and how a lot of people don’t have the means to maintain a healthy diet especially those with developmental disabilities

I used to work in the Alzheimer’s ward and I had a lot of stories many of them had to deal with the behaviors sometimes competitive towards healthcare officials want individual tried to use the comb on other parts of their body if you get my drift and another individual Believed he was in the woods and would use the nursing ward as his lavatory.



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