Annoying copilots

Photo by Trin Carl

I picked up a pilot for the second time driving rideshare today.He had this to say:

“We had to take a detour on our way to Virginia to avoid 🌀 hurricane Laura. It’s going to get bumpy” he said to his passengers that day as they detoured through 🇨🇦 Canada. “It was quite the light storm. It would have been nice to just watch it on TV but what can you do?”

“Do you ever get copilots that are so annoying?” I asked.

“Yes. You’ll be surprised. A lot of pilots are so smart but they lack the social skills to keep a conversation going. So I’ll ask them: oh, where are you from? And then they’ll tell me and then it will be silence.”

Good luck on your ✈️ flight, I told him as he left.