Cuz I was high

I talked to my ride-share client about high adrenaline sports.

“ I plan to go skydiving,” he said, “but I would like to go with one other person. You know just in case some thing happens.

“I’ve never done, skydiving,” I said.

I asked him about what other things he did hit on his bucket list and he said that he has rode a dirt bike and on rode on an ATV and did ziplining which I did in Corona, California.

I asked him about one of my favorite adrenaline activities which is public speaking.

“Now that’s some thing I couldn’t do!” He said “I’m too scared, I can make jokes so he said.

“It’s a lot of fun!” I exclaimed.



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Trin Carl

Trin Carl

I am an improviser.I write Theater 🎭 and ride share confessions. Find my blog