Dancers considered as sex workers

I picked up a dancer from the bars while driving rideshare and it was interesting to hear this woman’s story.

“I was literally a bad child,” she said, “Till this day I never face my problems, I always try to escape.”

And she mentioned how she went from foster home to foster home and what that was like for her to be treated unfairly by her foster siblings. And I sympathized, having been in a similar environment experience. And we talked about boundaries. Her parents were in and out of prison.

We talked about this idea of not fitting in with the people you live with as a child and not having the same nature as them.

“coming home every day knowing that you don’t have a family it’s such a life changer,” she said “Not having your mom and dad and thinking about it everyday, It changes you and people don’t understand that.”

Continuing with “People don’t know how hard this covid period has been for the entertainment industry. I didn’t get any money because I was categorized as a sex worker even though dancers are not allowed to touch anyone.”

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