Dear Weekend, I’m sorry I didn’t appreciate you please come back

“Is there any celebrities on the tour bus?”

(My Uber client hesitated)

“I’ll just wave,” I said.(waving to bus with tinted windows😎)

“You know there may be some support staff on there, and a supporting artist.”

(I’m optimistic that my dumb wave meant something)

“Do you like being a stage manager?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m not gonna be doing this long though,” she said. “I’m gonna be managing the managers and taking a higher role.”

“That’s pretty awesome,” I said.

(I always use positive phrase like this and recently learned that in Boston they say things like That’s Wicked!,😏 even if the thing there referring to is negative)

“Yeah it’s not easy being a woman in this industry. Whenever you take the lead a lot of your staff will be like she’s a bitch😖😖, she said.

“Wow, they would never say that to one of the band’s male managers,” I said.

“Yeah, but when they hired me, my male supervisor was like:

Well, I’m glad that we’ve got some women on staff because women take the lead more than men :they listen versus men who after you tell them to do something, they go and do it their own way.

We seemed to be in an agreement during this feminist conversation.

(I’m not gonna lie I did try to squeeze out who the band members were but all she would tell me is that they playing at an arena in Minneapolis on June 10, 2022 and that her friend is a drummer for Carrie Underwood)

I directed the conversation to a different direction, asking her talking about her dog and she explained how the band encourages support animals when they’re on the road.

“Do you think that celebrities can handle stress better than average people?” I asked.

“Well, the band members that I’ve met are quite extra introverted and can barely manage a conversation after they get off stage.”

Sometimes they get frustrated and say things like these things shouldn’t be happening (at this level), Like the guitars should be pitched and ready to go, but it happens even at big venues.

(I made one last attempt at finding out who the band members were as we drove closer to the hotel)

Will you be waking up anyone in there? I asked.

(assuming everyone was still sleeping at 10am)

“Na,” she said.

And that’s all I got folks but these ere the bands playing this week:

Flogging Molly and the Interrupters

Rex Orange County

Tim McGraw



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Trin Carl

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