Dig for Amelia Earhart

(Photo by Trin Carl)

By chance I picked up a fellow writer while driving for rideshare. Mr. Kenton Wrote “Amelia Earhart’s shoes” and has also written for National Geographic.

Interesting story, Kenton did research for his novel for several years by going on archaeological digs from Amelia Earhart‘s body in Fiji.

On this particular day, I was taking him to the airport so he could go on a dig in Virginia. We got to talked about a lot of things; including how a person can go about working alongside archaeologist.

This is done by researching up websites that archaeologists post looking for diggers. It sounds kind of funny as I write ✍️ it. we talked other things including:

Ernest Hemingway and his tone

Sinclair Lewis and his current exhibit at the Minnesota historical Society

About how Amelia Earhart is a great person to bring up in an Improv Scene

We talked about how you can pick up a book and know who wrote it without looking at the cover based on the writers tone. And how a lot of editors have a hard time getting down there tone because it takes years of pure writing to get down that tone versus the years an editor might spend editing and filtering their words.

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