Photo by Trin Carl

I got into a discussion with a rideshare client about how he used to drive for Uber until 2018 when he said that Uber was not doing “search” anymore. Search refers to the promotion of rides. He said Rideshare would charge a client $50 for A half an hour ride and then pay a driver $18 for that same ride.

So then he started driving semi and has been doing it ever since.

“ I like how much I get paid” he said. if I ever get lonely I just call up a friend”

Ive heard conflicting stories about how much semi truck drivers get paid and whether the cost they put into their job turns out a profit

.I learned that semi truck drivers have to pay a fee to even enter the cargo lot where they pick up their storage to cart off somewhere else. Not to mention that filling up their truck with gas costs more than $700. Some semi truck drivers like driving in the Twin Cities because there seems to be enough work and they can live within the city as well.

But after I dropped off this driver, it inspired me to call up everybody I know and either leave them a message or a text. I like picking up clients like this truck drive because it makes me feel easy-going and I like exchanging news with other workers in the transportation 🚘 business.

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