Sex Escort

The other day while driving for ride share I got into a discussion with someone about his line of work.

“Have you been able to work this whole time?” he asked me.

“I forced myself to work. I kept putting the recession in the back of my mind. In 2008 I had to do jobs I normally wouldn’t do.”

(This statement seemed to open him up)

“Yes I’ve had to do things I would not normally do as well, things related to my hobbies and I make action figures,” he said.

(I thought to myself what kind of action figures?)

“What kind of work did you do before the pandemic?” I asked instead.

“Well, I am a intimacy, fantasy therapist,” he said. “I can make a seventy thousand a year. A lot more than most.”

(My mind begin to run in circles at this point, piecing together what he really meant by fantasy therapist)

“I’m an escort,” he said.

He proceeded to tell me that he is someone couples call when they need help in their relationship. “Usually this help involves me making the other partner jealous and then somehow the couple overcomes whatever they’re dealing with. Usually the couple wants me to play some kind of character and then when things get heavy, I get pushed to the side. I don’t like this part of the job but I am a giving person.

I did some self reflection and told him how a lot of us are replaying things from our childhood because it’s what we’re used to.

“I like what you said about replaying things from our childhood,” he said.

“I’m glad I was able to add something insightful,” I said.

(As he was leaving the car he gave me his card)

“Good luck,” he said.



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Trin Carl

Trin Carl

I am an improviser.I write Theater 🎭 and ride share confessions. Find my blog