Funniest 😆 🤩 game ever

Photo by Trin Carl (Minneapolis)

I talked with my friend Erica again. I call my rideshare clients after I pick them up several times.

“Have you had a conversation with your brother since the last time I saw you?” I asked Erica.

(Erica and I have had several conversations about her military brother who is according to her quite eccentric and rude)

“No, I haven’t spoken to him. Thank god,” she said in a chiding-fashion.

(An idea about traveling flashed through my mind since I’ve had several days off my full-time job)

And I asked her if she had ever traveled internationally.

“Yes I’ve been to London and Spain,” she said.

“Did you ever travel outside of London?” I asked.

“Yes I’ve been to the city of 🛁 Bath”

“Wow, me too!” I said.

“Yes, when I was there we went to the bar and we played the penis game.”

Erica didn’t describe the game but she said:

“By the end of the night everyone was shouting penis penis! And my friend was like .”

She continued by saying, “And when I was in London someone on the train 🚂 once said “Get your foot 🦶 off me, you fucking cunt! And I was happy 🧐 thinking how this happened in London.”

(while I’m sitting thinking 🤔 how I should tell Erica how polite the Londoners are)

And so I just go with the flow and say:

“Someone offered me a raincoat while I was in London.”

“Oh yeah, Londoners are so polite,” she said,

“When we were leaving the bar, I was pretty drunk and pleaded with an officer saying And the officer gave my friend and I a ride to the train station.”

I told her about a time I felt especially flirtatious in London. I was at the mall and there was two mall cops (and I always tell people this story ) I asked them to take the picture of us and they were like:

and I was like I want YOU to be in it (pointing to the handsome British chap) and you can take it” (I said to the redhead that look like Prince 🤴 Harry)

(What happens in London stays in London seems to be the lesson in that story)


Slightly off topic but I thought I would share this nonetheless:

Sometimes I think we tell ourselves an emotion that we should be feeling instead of being very playful and joking and shrugging the feeling off.


What I really like about vacations is that you give yourself permission to do things that you wouldn’t normally do and for some people that can meet in a range of things you can just drop your habits and routines and be very playful if you wanna go out and buy yourself a fancy dessert or engage in some odd way with someone that you wouldn’t normally because you know you’re never gonna see them again that’s fine too.



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Trin Carl

Trin Carl

I am an improviser.I write Theater 🎭 and ride share confessions. Find my blog