How I met my husband

Driving rideshare one day, I picked up a woman who used to be an RN at an oncology clinic. She told me how she met her husband who is a fireman who worked three jobs. They met while speed dating and she explained how he is a wonderful man a lot nicer than her first husband who was a plastic surgeon.She said he stood by her side when she had surgery on her back a few years ago. Her husband waited hand and foot on her 24 hours a day until they got a nurse to come into their home

She had injured her back while hiking..She had gone to Belize on vacation an and they had been hiking for 12 hours a day . She said this next bit discreetly “I have been pooping in my pants and I didn’t realize it at the time but it was my nerves that were interfering with my digestion system.”

By the third day she was in her hotel room screaming in pain so she went back to America to get surgery. And then found herself at work a few weeks later with pain again.She had asked her doctor to approve her to go back to work but her doctor told her that if she continued working as a nurse she will need to have neck surgery so she decided to stay home after her five week hiatus was over.

She said she began to lose herself without her job as a nurse. She had never been a mother and she couldn’t feel her purpose. She realized that all of her purpose was wrapped up in her work and it took a long time for her to realize that she could always practice medicine by serving her friends and family. And she is beginning to do consciousness work continuously.

“It’s a lifelong journey” she said.



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Trin Carl

I am an improviser.I write Theater 🎭 and ride share confessions. Find my blog