I am a tattoo artist

I picked up a guy go on his way to work and we talked about how he catches an Uber from the hotel to his work and also catches a train in order to cut down on some of the transportation cost. We talked about the homeless on the green line trains in Minneapolis.

“ with the homeless, I sympathize with their plight,” he said “once you get anything on your record it’s hard to work and if you can’t work you fall into a depression. I’ve been down that road.”

“I’ve got the dream job though” he said.

“Oh what do you do ?if I might ask.”

“I am a tattoo artist.I have my own business. Yes it wasn’t easy to find a clean business. And by that I mean a place where people are clean and do not do drugs and everyone uses clean needles. It’s been the best for me as an artist.

“ i’m an artist to,” I said.

What do you do?

I’m a writer.

“Oh I’ve got an artist friend too,” he said “she’s in the karaoke business she’s an a eccentric person for sure.”

“do you have to go to all her shows to keep up with her?” I asked.

“every day is a performance with her” he said.



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Trin Carl

Trin Carl

I am an improviser.I write Theater 🎭 and ride share confessions. Find my blog @theglobaldig.blogspot.com