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2 min readMay 27, 2022


I don’t know where I am 😳

My ride-share client rang me to say he doesn’t know where he is.

St. Paul, MN photo by Trin Carl

“Well, what is the nearest business you see?”

“ I don’t know I’m on 10th street in downtown. I see a gas station. It’s a BP.”

“ OK, I know where you are,” I said.

(this gas station attracts many people, one time I saw a nude guy sitting on the corner. A story for another day)

I begin to put the address in the GPS. When I picked him up, he said he’s going to the treatment center.

I put the center in the GPS, when we get there he said it’s the wrong one, its the on University in Saint Paul.

(I hit my forehead. I’ve been there so many times why didn’t I think of that.)

“What is your drug of choice? I asked.

“Meth,” he said.

“I learned early on that I can’t do drugs because people in my family have codependency issues,” I said. “In fact, I drink caffeine every day and it causes all the anxiety I need.”

“See, I don’t like telling people about my addiction,” said my client Matthew.

(I try to put him at ease )

“It’s OK, I am not here to judge you,😉” I said “I have a friend who does crack… the only thing is I didn’t realize it at the time 😳…but had told me she had an ARMHS worker, somehow I naïvely thought the addiction was in the past, and she was seeing the worker to prevent herself from continuing.”

“I had no idea that she needed the ARMHS worker daily.”

“Were honestly an hour late, I shouldn’t even go inside, but I have to go to treatment or my parole officer will come for me.”

“I think you’re going to get through this,” I said to Matthew dropping him off at the center.



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