I haven’t vomited since 1983

Drunken ride shares

I spoke with one woman who moved from LA to north Minneapolis to take care of her mom and she talked about how her mother tries to throw it in her face so she doesn’t take favors from her anymore.

. And then I picked up a guy from the liquor store at 9am.

It’s pretty common for us to take rideshare clients to the liquor store at 9 to 11 AM (in the morning) sometimes The client has to learn the hard way that the store is not open and sometimes They forget it’s a holiday.

Most of my drunken rides have been during the first four months of the pandemic 😷 in 2020. When people were losing their jobs and drowning their sorrows.

One time I witnessed a Monster truck upside down on the highway and a helicopter landed on the highway 🛣 (Anoka Minnesota) to take people to the hospital.

The most uncommon ride I took to the liquor store was for a woman who who was wearing a hijab (Women often wear hijabs for their religious observations)

She told me she was getting liquor for her husband.

Some people get overly prepared for the drunken escapades, and they’ll talk about it on the way back from the bar

I drank 32 ounces of 💧 water” said my ride share client tonight.

(This coming from a nursing student)

Another client chimed in with “I drank a glass of water and I’ll just drink a couple more when I get to your place,”said two female passengers to one another.

(this was before I asked them if they felt like they were gonna vomit in the car 🤢 🤮 )

“ I haven’t vomited since 1983” said one client.

(usually numbers like this are a dead giveaway as to the age of the client. But then she awkwardly included how she wasn’t even born in 1983, go figure -must be the 🍹 drinks)

to be honest with you readers, I’ve only drank two times in the bar in my life. This helps with driving for ride share.

I had the liberty of talking about own my drinking experiences with my next client. He decided to have some wine in the afternoon and woke up 10 minutes before he needed to get in the ride share.

I’m a lightweight” I said 😆 (excitedly), “standing at 4’6, I’m knocked out after a shot of liquor.”

“ you’re a Light weight like my wife she’s 5’1’” he said.

(I love it when men compare me to their 5’1’ wives)

“ but you know what,” he said “I’m not an alcoholic, in fact, I’ve never had a hangover in my life” (he’s 50). “All that happens to me is that I’ll be drunk in the morning but I’ve never had a headache or vomiting.”

(🍀 lucky you, I thought)



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Trin Carl

Trin Carl

I am an improviser.I write Theater 🎭 and ride share confessions. Find my blog @theglobaldig.blogspot.com