I’m a boxing coach,” said my rideshare client after I asked him what he does for a living.

He was on his way to Atlanta to teach some private lessons to people ages 5 to 70 years old.

I told him how I went to see A ballet over the weekend by Ballet Co.Laboratory ( in the Twin Cities)and they were dancing to theme songs That had to do with the moon 🌝, like “ over the moon,” and I told him how classical music seems better for Ballet versus modern music.

Then I told him how I used to be on the dance team in high school( North Minneapolis) and our school hosted the state’s dance line competition.

“yes dance is a very athletic sport,” he said.

(😎 me happy right now that we are in agreement about this)

“ we were the most unique team in the gymnasium …while all the suburban dancers were doing dance line kicks. we came out dancing to Sisqo’s “The thong” song, along 🎵 with chairs.”

“ yeah but I bet those same Suburban girls will later emulate you and try to learn everything you do. I bet they say things like this ‘you got a pop your butt like this with a 45° 📐 angle. Whereas the inner city girls have been popping sense they were kids and don’t need any instruction.”

“ indeed,” I said.

“Keep up the dancing,” my rideshare client said as he exited the car.



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