“No Adolf,please don’t say that on ZOOM”

Photo by Trin Carl (twin cities)

I picked up a client while driving rideshare and we talked about his name origins, his name is Evyn not Evan, and his mom went out of her way to name her children somewhat unique names like Mia and Dax.

“What what do you do for a living?” I asked.

“I work in computer software.”

“Do people say you’re pretty smart?”

“Yeah but you don’t need to be smart to work in computers. “

we talked about computer programming and how he works in bio metrics which is a field where people create computer software like fingerprinting for security( using fingerprints and eye lasers.)

I asked him whether they would ever be able to reach that security in the future (like a dummy😀 lol)

“ yeah it might be pretty hard,” he said.

“ yeah , you know where they need a lot of security,” I said “on ZOOM! I do Improv on ZOOM with people across the 🌎 world.”

“ I didn’t know you could do Improv on ZOOM”,

And I said, “yes it’s a lot of 🤩 fun-it’s a way for me to get out of my head during the pandemic but. But they really need to put security on zoom because we get a lot of hackers and in Improv meetings it first becomes this thing where we’re like ‘wait is he being a character right now’ until the individual starts shouting slurs and racial things. And then it’s like ‘goodbye Adolf’ (short for hitler)because they usually go by some weird nickname.”



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