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2 min readMay 1, 2022

“Oh yeah, we lawyers are human like everyone else”

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“You going to Law School?” I said to my ride-share client after noticing her destination in the app.

“Yeah!” 😀she said enthusiastically. “It’s a lot of work.

“I went to school for teaching,” I said. “Teaching might not have been my cup of tea but it did help me become more resilient and practice public speaking skills which I use while performing improv.”

“Wow,improv is so cool!”

I continued with,“I didn’t even know that I was built skills that I could use on the improv stage.”

“You know,” I said. “This may sound ignorant 🧐 but there was a time I thought lawyers had it all together, but I’ve met some interesting lawyers in my writer’s group who have talked about challenges in their life, including attachment🫣 issues.”

“Oh yeah, we lawyers are humans like everyone else,” she said, “but I really hope that I enjoy this law profession because it is the hardest thing I ever done in my life!”

I chuckled

“The hardest thing for me is raising my five-year-old,” I said.

“Oh yeah, I know if I had a kid there is no way I would be able to attend law school,” she said.

“You know the hardest thing about law school is minding my professors, I always have something to say about how things can be different and I always tell them.”

“At least you don’t get anxious while asserting yourself,” I said. “That’s my problem. I assert myself and then get anxious about it.”

“You are your own best advocate,” she said, “And people will try to take advantage of you when they see you doing a lot.”

“Yes, that’s why it’s incredibly important to focus on yourself,” I said.

It was in that moment that I thought of circumstances where I’ve been taken advantage of in the workplace.

“Boundaries are important,” she said. “Thanks Trin for the ride and for the chat,” she said why exiting the car.

“Good luck at law school!” I said.

Trin Carl

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