Ride my way

Photo by Trin Carl

I drove for Uber and picked up a guy who said his dad used to work at the airport, driving around carts and he picked up the artist formerly known As Prince every now and again, and he said :

“When prince flew, he would buy out first class and then board last so that no one could see him and he would take an airport cart and make sure that he had his hoodie covering his face throughout the airport”

I talked to another woman about how she’s looking forward to going back home to celebrate Christmas..

“you don’t have that same Christmasy feeling that you have back in Albania because of the cobble streets streets and how close buildings are together and how close you could be amongst others: not like in Minnesota “ she said

and we talked about the difference between Albanian culture and hers and how there is more of a collective interest , versus in the United States where there is a more individual interest.

We talked about Sally Rooney‘s novel and how she pits different classes of people together for her characters :upper class and lower class and what it does in terms of a relationship. the Albanian woman told me about how would travel with her “Friend” who is a lower class according to Albania standards and how she would be considered upper class and how her male companion wouldn’t want to spend money on food or other things , and how that will turn into arguments between them.

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