State fair during pandemic

Photo by Trin Carl

Are you a doctor? I asked my rideshare passenger.

How did you guess?

The suit.

Yes, I decided to wear a tie today.

What area of medicine?


Good. You may see me at that clinic. I’m a regular.

Yes. The clinic has been getting overwhelmed lately, the doctor said.

(Long silence as I get on the 🛣 highway)

I’m going to the state fair this weekend in Minnesota. My dad wants to buy a tractor.

Oh, he must have a lot of land.

No. Only two yards.

Oh, I’m surprised that you’d be willing to go to the fair.. what with being not being vaccinated and the chance of COVID.

Yes, but I’m not planning to be mouth to mouth 👄 with anyone.

What do you plan on seeing at the state fair. Goats and 🐔chickens?

I suppose. But I’ll steer clear of the horses. I have allergies, says the doctor.

(We roll up to his destination)

There she is! They left her out for me. He gets out of the car and I wish him luck 🍀 at the state fair.

He strides rather briskly to the entrance of the dealership’s auto repair center and it’s in the moment that I can picture him in his white 🥼 lab coat in a hurry down a long corridor because he’s just received a message STAT to the OR.

Good-bye doctor.

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