This is the worst day of my life

Photo by Trin Carl (Minnesota)

“This is the worst day of my life,” said my rideshare client.

“ you got your heart broken?” I asked

“Yes how did you know that?”

“Because I’ve had my heartbroken many times before.”

“Yes it was a five year relationship , I came all the way up here from North Dakota and she said that she never wants to see me again. And I’ve been a mess ever since. Do I smell bad?”

You smell a little bit like smoke and alcohol.”

“OK well I’ve been asking people if I smell bad ever since I landed in Minnesota, he said,

“I’m sorry this turned into a therapy session, I’m just going to tell the next person ‘I’m a hot mess’” he said, “I’ve been married three times and this last one I wasn’t even married to -she was the smart one. I’ve got a lot of money I’m just not happy🙁.”

“No I love therapy even if I’m not good at it.” I said. Continuing with:

“My only advice to you is do not resist the emotion.”

(He laid down a $20 bill as a tip in the center console. I can only hope that he takes my Tip as well .)

“Have a good day Trin,” he said.



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