Trin Carl
2 min readNov 22, 2021

Vikings Football

This morning I wasn’t feeling so great while driving rideshare on a Monday.

I picked up who is a basketball player from Delasalle high school.

This changed my perspective because I could relate to him. I was on the dance team in HS (we danced during half time games) and it felt great to be able to talk about basketball again.

During the next ride, I was able to continue discussing sports because I picked up a semi-sober individual from his hotel stay. He had gone to a Vikings football game the night before.(Minnesota Vikings did win against the Packers last night)

We talked about the game and we talked about violence.

For anyone planning to visit the Viking’s stadium, you better make damn sure you catch an UBER home because walking through downtown Minneapolis is sketchy!🧐

I’ve had some bad experiences as a female walking through downtown, Minneapolis.

But back to my client….

We talked about how the city needs to increase cops in Minneapolis.

I told him how my brother became a 👮‍♀️cop in Austin, Texas. And the client was like :

“Oh that’s great”

And I was like:

“Yeah, but my brother may not be the best candidate for a job like this because he has domestic violence on his record and somehow he managed to squeeze through the vetting process even though I refused to give him a reference.”

I ended up turning the conversation into something positive by saying;

“We ARE getting along currently, (my brother and I) ,” and the client was like:

“Oh good because you guys are blood after all..”

And I was like:

“yeah but not really because all my siblings were adopted from different homes, and we ALL come from rough backgrounds.”

My client seemed to appreciate my story and ended giving me a big a tip:)

Trin Carl

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