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2 min readMay 21, 2023
pic of Netflix series To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before XO, Kitty

To All the Boys I’ve loved Before XO, Kitty is on Netflix currently and its set in South Korea.

And before you start fangirling as you think about all the Hot K-Pop stars, let me pause by saying this is not that story!

It’s 2009, the recession. I am brave, and more animated, although still dramatic. I’m scoring through the internet searching for possible countries I may visit and teach, after having graduated college with a liberal arts degree. I’ve settled on South Korea.

The school said they’ll pay me eighteen hundred a month which is the salary of a garbage truck driver. I’m worried, but I figure it’s better than nothing. Plus they’re giving free accommodations.

Bonus, they’ll be recording me while I’m teaching. A mental image of someone scrutinizing my every move while they’re sitting in a private room eating kimchi comes to mind.

No worries, I can do this.

-16 hour flight, no problem.

***2 weeks later.

I arrived in Korea.

“Ana-ha-say-ho” says flight personnel.

I smile and look around for my host. He’s holding up a sign with my name on it.

“Welcome,” he says. “We took my car and got to the school.”

“Yes,” I say, nodding enthusiastically. “Com-sa-hum-ee-duh.” I said to him,

“What?” he asks.

Okay, so my Korean is a bit choppy.

(note to self MUST STUDY HARDER)

We go to get my bags, but they are not on the baggage carousel. In fact they are nowhere to be found!

I do NOT have anything I need, and I’m in a foreign country. Now is the time to get anxious, Trish.

Oh Man, OH man! What do I do? This is not good. I’m getting hot. Why am I doing this? Why did I come here?

Let’s say some mantras.

I am a great person.

I can do all things.

(except find my luggage)

I am Awesome! I am Awesome! I am Awesome!

Okay, I am awesome. I said that, didn’t I?

Okay, let’s get in this stranger’s car and be on our way.

And this folks is what no one believes when I tell them my side of the story. Although, I didn’t make it long in South Korea. I’ve travelled overseas many times ever since. I survived.

Trin Carl

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